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...Heike Designs will be helping you to care for your garden with a series of monthly and seasonal tips. Here are some articles to get you started.

Lawn Care Articles

Top Dressing

General Tips

Watering Your Plants
Automatic Irrigation Systems
Heike Designs Garden Care Booklet (PDF)


From Landscape Trades Magazine

Landscaping Pays
Landscaping for a Quick House Sale
Benefits of Lawns
Slow Progress for Green Landscape Certification (including many quotes from Heike)

From GardenWise Directory

A Good Design is Worth its Weight in Gold
Installation and Maintenance - Constructing a Garden is a Long-term Investment
Native BC Plants and Your Garden

From Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado

Top 10 Landscape Trends for 2009

From HortWest

Did You Know? (The economic and environmental impacts of landscaping)

From the Invasive Plant Council of BC

Grow Me Instead - A comprehensive list of invasive plants to avoid with Images and alternative suggestions.

From Ezine @rticles

How Does Landscaping Effect You Home's Value? - A study into the returns you can expect on your landscaping investments.

Landscaping and Lighting to Quickly and Easily Increase Curb Appeal - A large proportion of homebuyers chose whether or not to look inside a house based on its curb appeal.

From Gardens West Magazine

The Trouble With Landscape Fabric

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