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Welcome to the Heike Designs Inc. Homepage - Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance

Introduction - Mission – Philosophy – General Overview

Paving the Way
Specializing in Landscape Design, Consulting and Project Management, award winning company Heike Designs Inc ("Heike Designs") offers a “hands-on” approach, combining professional design with installation experience.

Heike Designs is proud to offer products ranging from one-on-one consultations to complete landscape services, for projects of all sizes both residential and commercial. We work closely with clients and contractors to ensure the highest quality and efficiency from start to finish.

Digging In
Heike Designs believes in creating an environment that is both visually pleasing and functional. Residential Design directly affects the quality of life of the people who live with it, and an intensely personal knowledge of the garden is essential for a design to compliment each individual situation. Heike will work closely with you to design a project that fits all your requirements.

Branching Out
On top of personal gratification, a successful landscape also directly affects the value of your real estate. This makes continuous maintenance essential to ensure the progress of the design as the landscape grows and evolves. With a seasonal maintenance schedule, Heike Designs can help you ensure the success of your vision.

Flower Power
Functional and artistic elements are only part of Heike’s Design. Quality, state of the art techniques and environmental standards are just as important. Heike Designs takes pride in staying on top of developments in the industry and environmental requirements. We believe that ongoing education is essential, and networking with other professionals ensures up to date services.

Green Fingers
Heike Designs strives to provide all clients with the best possible service according to each uniquely individual need. We are committed to quality and exceptional service, and are proud to be part of the green industry.

Root Us Out
You can find Heike Designs located at 103-1080 Millar Creek Road in Function Junction.

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