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Landscape Design - continued

6. Final Design
  Refining of design concept, further details and information on hardscaping and plant materials, including quantities of materials needed. Open contact with trades people to discuss and estimate construction costs.
  Work progresses and design solutions are being refined. We develop what we feel is the best design solution based on background discussions, site analysis, design experience, and our knowledge of materials, installation, and care. We produce a final design for your garden (and home), including planting plan if applicable
  Final design meeting and payment for design services.
7. Construction Details
  To ensure the installation and construction of any elements that are unique or require more details goes flawlessly, we provide detail or construction drawings when necessary for the project (e.g. arbours, fences, walls, water features etc).
Project management services are available and encouraged. Fees will be discussed.
8. Project Management
  We offer and encourage project management services to ensure that installation proceeds according to the design and your wishes. A hands-on design approach throughout this phase has proven to be very efficient and successful for owner, designer and contractors. Heike Designs works closely with professional trades to ensure that making the vision a reality is the best experience possible.
  This second major phase of design work includes on-site design for on-the-fly decision making, overseeing the work done by contractors, and installation of details. We keep in touch on the progress so you can stay up to date with developments even when you are not on site. We can also take care of permits and variances should they be required.


Care Package
  We prepare a long-term maintenance and care package either for your own use or for ongoing maintenance with our professional team (as we recommend). Knowing the design and intentions allows us to care for it in the most appropriate way. We can suggest and implement upgrades, plant and pot selections and any other furnishings for your garden, landscape, patio or deck.


Follow-up visit
  We care about our work and like to stay in touch with our projects to ensure quality and success of the landscape, as well as ensuring your needs and wishes are met.

Please don’t hesitate to talk to us about any concerns or additional services. We often have insight and contacts, and can offer you a variety of information, products and services.


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